Dental Extractions
in Austin & Round Rock, TX

As your local Austin area dentist, we strive to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Your natural smile is our top priority, but sometimes teeth aren’t restorable, and it may be necessary to perform a dental extraction.

At High Point Dentistry, dental extractions are part of our restorative dentistry treatments. In certain cases, a dental extraction can improve the health of your smile. Our High Point Dentistry team will only recommend an extraction when truly needed. Call our office to learn more about our dental extractions in East Austin or Round Rock!

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Why do teeth need to be extracted?

While adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, sometimes a tooth must be removed due to complications or damage. Some common reasons why a tooth might need to be extracted include tooth decay, overcrowding, or wisdom teeth growth. A tooth extraction can offer effective treatment that results in relief, prevents the spread of infection, and relieves dental pain.

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What happens during a dental extraction?

Our team will only recommend an extraction when truly needed. If you need a dental extraction, our team will explain in detail what you can expect during and after your extraction. First, we will numb the area and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Once numb, we’ll perform the extraction and might use stitches to close the gum up. After the extraction, you’ll be ready to head home or discuss tooth replacement options.

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How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction?

Patients scheduled for tooth extraction can expect recovery to take at least a week. The first few days after extraction require the most care. Some bleeding or soreness may occur and are normal. Eating soft foods like soup or pudding, limiting strenuous movement, and avoiding drinking through a straw are all ways to encourage quick recovery.

If you need a dental extraction in Round Rock or Austin, call us today to schedule an appointment!