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Keeping your tooth in great shape is paramount for the preservation of your overall oral health. If you’ve suffered cavities or trauma and have holes in your teeth, dental fillings at High Point Dentistry could be the solution! We provide high-quality fillings that look and feel great so you can eat, speak, and smile confidently! Call our Austin or Round Rock office today to schedule your appointment!

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What is a composite filling?

Composite fillings are made of ingredients like powdered glass quartz, silica, and other ceramic particles combined in a resin base and cured with a special light. While some of those ingredients may sound intimidating, they’re all perfectly safe, and composite fillings can restore your tooth’s strength without the days it takes for traditional metal fillings to set.

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When is a filling an appropriate solution?

When the damage is relatively minor. Composite fillings, in particular, are fast and effective at restoring and reinforcing your bite by the time you leave the dentist’s office.

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What are common reasons a filling fails?

While it’s rare for a filling to fail, it can happen. Some common reasons are:

  • The larger the filling, the more likely it is to fail.
  • As fillings age, they are more likely to wear down, crack, or chip
  • Neglecting oral hygiene can cause further tooth decay and weaken the integrity of the natural tooth the filling is bonded to
  • Lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking can negatively impact the efficacy of fillings

If you’re experiencing a painful lost filling, call an emergency dentist like High Point Dentistry to be seen as soon as possible. It’s important to take steps to protect your smile in the event of a failed filling.

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